Our Aim

Our aim at the moment is quite simple.. to give Ellie Mae the best possible life and give her all that she could ever need or want, for now and in the future.  Also to raise awareness of this devastating disease and what it can do.

Our priorities at the moment are, to get her either sitting and/or walking, as she was so badly affected by the disease, it has affected her joints and she has no hip movement and so cant sit down, so we are concentrating on this a great deal and she is having daily physio, we honestly dont know if this will ever improve, but we are willing to try anything, Ellie Mae never gave up on us so we wont on her..

We are currently trying to raise funds to buy a new wheelchair vehicle as Ellie Mae has now ha d anew wheelchair and it does not fit in our car as it is too heavy!

If you can help in anyway, please feel free to email us, we would be very grateful, thank you.


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