This is Ellie Mae 6 days before she was taken poorly, this is one of our favourite photo's as it shows her beautiful legs....

This next picture was taken a couple of hours after Ellie Mae was taken ill....some may find it upsetting.

This was taken about a week later

This is from the day she was transferred to Birmingham Childrens Hospital

Here's one of our most treasured pictures...Ellie Mae's first smile since she was ill..

We now have hundreds of pictures of Ellie Mae, from when she was in hospital and when she came home


This is Ellie Mae at Britannia Stadium the night she won the Child of Corage Award courtesy of Signal Radio's Unsung Heroes



Here's some to show Ellie Mae's 2nd birthday....


And here's the birthday girl aka "Minnie Mouse"


Here's a couple of Ellie Mae at Oswestry trying out her swivel walker, before its completed

This is basically what her walker will be like, but without the frame and it will have big metal foot plates at the bottom!!!

This is Ellie Mae going to her first Halloween party...doesnt she look gorgeous..

Here's Ellie dressed up as Mrs Santa, she won first prize at a christmas party



This is Ellie on christmas day in her fairy outfit...which as you can see she loved!!!

Here's just a few more recent ones of Ellie Mae

This is one of her brother Roberts favourite photo's Ellie in her Liverpool strip!!

This is Ellie Mae on her birthday, with her I AM 3 tshirt and her Cinderalla cape and Tiara...absolutely beautiful x x x



Ellie Mae a couple of hours after her lip operation in April 2009


This is Ellie Mae a few weeks after she had her lip done...doesnt she look different, but still just as beautiful!

This is Ellie Mae's 1st day at school!

*******Ellie Mae's Baby of the Year 2009 Picture******

This is Ellie's very 1st car....very cute i think you'd agree!

This is her dressed as a Clown for Circus day at school

Heres a few recent ones, what a beautiful young lady we have x x x x x x  

I have yet to rotate this picture but it too beautiful to miss out x x 


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