About Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae was born on the 22nd February 2006 and was the perfect baby in every way.

In February 2007 she was poorly with a cold, after seeing a couple of doctors they all told us that she had a viral infection.  On the morning of the 19th i noticed a couple of marks on her that looked like fresh bruises.  Concerned that she hadnt banged herself as i had been with her all night i called NHS DIRECT, they immediately sent an ambulance.  Ellie Mae was rushed to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, where doctors and nurses fought to save her life.  After a couple of hours she was transferred to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. 

Ellie Mae's battle had begun.  The Meningicoccal bug had already taken hold of her tiny body and all we could do was watch as the fantastic nurses and doctors worked their magic.  A short while later, Ellie Mae was given her last rites and we were told that she would probably not pull through as she was just so poorly.  The few bruise like marks that i had seen on her at home and now engulfed her whole body and she was now a deep shade of damson all over, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. 

All myself and Billy could do was watch, she had so many drugs,drips and medicines going into her that she was just a mass of tubes, Ellie Mae was on a ventilator and was also on dialysis as her kidneys had stopped working. We sat helpless all we do do was sit and pray that she would pull through.

We begged doctors for a little bit of hope but all they would say was that she was critical but stable.

With this disease the body automatically keeps the blood circulating around the heart and brain to keep them alive but not in the extremities, like hands and feet.  Ellie Mae's body started to turn black before our eyes.

The doctors took us to one side and gently explained that it would not be a case of if Ellie Mae would lose limbs but just a case of which ones.

After a couple of weeks the doctors decided to transfer her to Birmingham Childrens Hospital for her life saving surgery.  Doctors warned us that she may not pull through any of the operations due to the risk of a genreal anaesthetic and because of her severe condition.  Luckily she did pull through every operation and was discharged on the 11th May 2007, but not without cost, she has lost her top lip, the septum of her nose, part of her left ear, her left arm, both legs, and she also has a colostomy bag fitted as her bottom was so badly damaged, and so was mostly removed. 

Ellie Mae has had to date over 76 operations, doctors thought that they could save her left leg, but after much deliberation and check ups it was discovered that it was just too badly damaged and she also lost her other leg. 

Ellie Mae now faces years of reconstructive and corrective surgery.

As Ellie Mae was so severly affected by this disease, it has affected her joints as she currently has no hip movement, so she cant sit down.  Doctors dont know if this will ever return, if she will ever sit down or indeed walk.




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